Realtime Consulting
Safety Assessment Solution Co., Ltd. is offering consulting services on diverse laws related to response to regulations on chemicals.

For the purpose of offering continuous response to inquiries and business agency more effectively,
We are using its self-developed the dedicated Web service for continuous consulting.

We are giving support to related departments on R&R reestablishment
for our customers to have a more effective-economic response to regulations.

We are offering the best consulting in collaboration with the advisory committee consisting of the best experts by area.

Why don't you enjoy the effect of lessening the risk of an assigned staff member's work burden and
response to regulations through Safety Assessment Solution Co., Ltd.' constant consulting services!

Offering Service

Realtime Q&A Service through the dedicated 'Web service' for constant consulting

Realtime SNS Notification of Q&A progress

Offering of Q&A History Management System for each customer

Offering of recent trends by issues/laws

R&R Re establishment
Survey-Analysis Report

Regulation Analysis Report, Source Material Safety Assessment Report,

Analysis Report, etc. for Budgeting and Reduction in Cost

Offering of Customized Survey-Analysis Report Services consequent on customer-specific needs

Companies with SAS