Biocide approval
Safety Assessment Solution Co., Ltd. is offering customized consultation/agency services for the entire process from the consortium operation for getting approval of biocides to securing of hazard test data and the preparation of approval submission dossier according to 'The Act on Safety Management of Consumer Chemical Product and Biocides (abbreviated as the Chemical Product Safety Act, K-BPR)' which was enforced from Jan.1, 2019.

- Biocides
As for the approval of biocides, any substances/products, which are used as the killing function under K-BPR,
should be approved within the granted grace period period through the notification, and at the time of their approval,
the relevant company has to jointly produce/submit an approval dossier by organizing a consortium.
(* Function of removing harmful organisms, or making them unharmful or suppressing them)

Offering Service

  • Approval of Biocidal active substances
  • Consortium operation for Co-approval of biocidal active substances
  • Pre-notification and Preparation of a written plan for application for approval of biocidal substances

  • Data Gap Analysis
  • Purchase negotiations for overseas data
  • Production and assessment of hazardous test data
  • Production of effect and efficacy test data
  • Risk data preparation
  • Data submission and response to data supplementation
  • Labeling standards of biocidal products/biocidal-treated articles