Exemption/Simplified registration
Safety Assessment Solution Co., Ltd. is in possession of a large number of members having technological consultation experience and professional analysis skills, and providing high-quality consulting services including review of whether a substance could be an exemption subject from registration, etc. (and simplified registration) through the cooperative structure formation with a professional analysis agency, and even preparation of documents for submission.

Particularly, we are providing professional specialized services for polymeric substances and intermediates.
Through only Safety Assessment Solution Co., Ltd.'s possessed know-how, we increase the possibility of exemption from registration,
and customers can expect an effect of reducing the cost for regulationsimplementation.

In case, if it is applicable to the conditions below under K-REACH, you can get exemption from registration, etc.
(and simplified registration)

  • Chemicals for scientific experiment analysis
    such as chemical reagent, or chemicals
    for research work
  • Chemicals for research and development use
  • Low-concern polymeric compounds
  • Surface treatment substance
  • Non-isolated intermediates
  • On-site isolated intermediates (Exemption from
    registration or simplified registration)
  • Transported isolated intermediates
    (Simplified registration)
  • The entire quantity of chemicals for export use
  • Offering Service
  • Confirmation of exemption from
    registration, etc.
  • Simplified registration of intermediates

  • Review of the object for exemption and simplified registration and data preparation
  • Review of polymeric compound analysis data
    (GPC, a residual monomer)
  • Polymeric compound test data production
    and monitoring
  • On-site business trip for data collection in time
    of simplified registration of intermediates
  • Response to Korea Environment Corporation's on-the-spot inspection in time of simplified registration of intermediates
  • Response to data submission and data supplementation
  • Securing of expertise and know-how related its polymeric compounds
    Hosting of an internal seminar on polymeric compound
    (Invitation of prof. Cho, Byeong-wook and a person incharge at an analysis & test institution)
    Possesion of operational know-how according to various
    material properties
    Pre-identify exemptible substances, proceed with exemptions
      ▶ Reduce unnecessary registration costs
    Possession of professional material analysis skills
    Utilization of Cowcawe’s petrotox
     (Tool to secure toxic data of 1,512 petroleum-hydrocarbons substances)
    Uncertain sameness of UVCB can be identified and resolved.
    UVCB Guide Discussion with NIER