What is Sol-T.USE?
Web tools for collecting a sub-user's use information

How Sol-T.USE is used

Key features

  • Provide e-mail information → Web URL
  • UsingWeb platform
  • Simplified survey format

  • Build DB for each purpose within the web platform
  • Create CSR creatable level Exposure Scenarios
  • Delivering confirmed Exposure Scenario results
Content The existing information collecting method WEB platform system method

Difficulty in use examination due to the absence of the expert
on the business secret & K-REACH

Omission of mail gathering and an assigned
staff member's work aggravation
→ Sluggish gathering rate
(centering on a registrant and a primary user)

Simplification of use examination gathering

An easy reminder serving to decrease omission of use

Expects to reduce a worker's workload
by 1/10 of that amount

Information collecting form Excel File Form Access to Website
Information entry amount An assigned staff member's direct entry of
more than 40 items no example data
An assigned staff worker is supposed to make
a choice of 10~20 items from the example items
based on EU and the existing cases
An assigned staff member's workload 100% 10%
The information collection period 2-3 months Less than 1 month
Others Additional data should be prepared
for grasping the business status
All present conditions like the information collection rate
and data gathering, etc. are grasped within Sol-T Web Tools,
and also available for output of data for report use

Solution of problems through the management of Web tools for use examination & collection