Sol.T EX is a web service that helps clients to acquire hazardous chemical assessment data conveniently by linking several professional testing institutes and clients directly.

In order to’ register chemicals ’according to the Act on Registration and Evaluation, etc. of Chemical Substances, it is necessary to produce hazardous chemical assessment data of chemical substances required by tonnage.

It is therefore important to produce suitable hazardous chemical assessment data.

It is also necessary to select the appropriate testing institutes to perform the tests.

However, it is not easy to select by grasping the current situation such as expenses and schedule for a substance or test item in each testing institute.

Hence, this problem is solved by Sol.T EX .

Core strengths

Integrated management at one view

The entire process from A to Z of test data production can be integrated at a glance for convenient management.

Easy direct registration

It is easy to register directly because it automatically creates the required documents for registration such as the production of hazardous chemical assessment data and the classification and labeling of chemical substances.

Reduced registration fees

The registration fees can be reduced by self test management without spending on external agencies

Conventional method

Step 1. Selection of testing institute
There is a difficulty in selecting a testing institute.
Step 2. Test progress management
It takes a lot of time to apprehend all of the test progress status of each testing institute.
Step 3. Registration
Due to the difficulty in interpreting and classifying the results, the registration progress has been delayed.
  • Here are many things to consider such as test cost and schedule, necessary test items, and selection of testing institute.
  • It takes a lot of time to apprehend each test progress status and it is easy to miss.
  • Especially, it is difficult to identify cost issues and test schedule directly when proceeding through agency.

Process through 'Sol.T EX'

Main function

  1. Quotation • Request and management by substance
  2. Real-time check of test progress
  3. Automatic creation of essential documents required for registration of the Act on Registration and Evaluation, etc. of Chemical Substances
  4. Sharing of important schedules and issues
  5. Progress status output and reporting

Registration process through ‘Sol.T EX’

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