Affiliated Research laboratory

Based on expertise, experience, and technical skills, affiliated research laboratory of Safety Assessment Solution Co., Ltd. makes every effort for continuous research and technology development to make a safer world

By enacting Act on Registration, evaluation, etc. of Chemicals(K-REACH), the toxicity data(GLP) and risk assessment data of the substance must be registered at the Ministry of Environment before manufacturing or importing the chemical. toxicity data(GLP) and risk assessment data production for the chemical contains a number of toxicity test items targeted to animals, which can be expensive and time consuming.

Accordingly, in order to reduce unnecessary animal tests and reduce test costs based on animal ethics, we are constantly researching in various fields such as algorithms for predicting the toxicity of substances, development ofintegrated management tools for efficient testing, and database establishment of various toxicity data.

As a result, we are now acquiring patent rights for the development of the webs that are required to respond to the regulations of current chemical substances and products.

The research areas of the affiliated research laboratory are as follows.

01 Development of integrated management web tool for hazardous chemical test data
Integrated management web tool is developedfor efficient production of hazardous chemical assessment data to increase the efficiency of registration with the Ministry of Environment based on knowledge of chemical substance consulting and registration of Ministry of Environment.

02 Establishment of database for chemical toxicity and hazardous chemicalassessment
By utilizing the knowledge of biological testing for many years, various hazardous chemicalassessment data of chemical substances are collected and a toxicity data database is established and used in preparation of opinion statement of alternative test methods to animal testing.

03 Toxicity prediction algorithm and method development for alternative test methods to animal testing
A prediction algorithm similar to the actual test result is studied based on biological, chemical and environmental engineering knowledge.