Toxic and Concerned Chemical Substances Control Act (TCSCA), Taiwan's Toxic and
Concerned Chemical Substances Control Act, was newly revised on January 16, 2019,
under the existing Toxic Chemicals Control Act.

According to the Toxic Chemicals Substance Control Act (TCSCA), registration is required for all new chemicals manufactured or
imported from Taiwan and existing chemicals over 0.1 t/y.

▶ Taiwan Chemical Registration

  • Existing Chemicals
  • Existing chemical substances in Taiwan are managed through two registration processes
    (1st stage registration and 2nd stage standard registration).
    The first stage of registration is required for existing chemicals manufactured or
    imported more than 0.1 t/y, of which 106 types, which are manufactured or imported more than 1 t/y,
    are subject to the 2nd stage standard registration.

    1. 1st stage Registration: Existing substances manufactured/imported 0.1 t/y
    2. 2nd stage standard registration: 106 types of primary existing chemical substances designated as standard registered substances manufactured/imported more than 1 t/y

  • New Chemicals
  • If a substance is not listed on the existing chemical list (TCSI), it will be considered a new substance.
    So, the registration process for the fittable registration type must be carried out before manufacturing/importing
    the substance through a Taiwan importer or representative in Taiwan.

▶ Registration type of new chemicals

▶ Offering services

  • Confirmation of TSCI list
  • Existing chemical substance registration (Late-1st stage registration, 2nd stage standard registration)
  • Registration of new chemicals
  • (R&D exemption, PLC exemption, small quantity registration, simplified registration, and standard registration (levels 1 to 4)
  • Annual reporting
  • Test data production & test monitoring
  • Follow-up management of registered substances