REACH(Registration, Evaluation, Authorization and Restriction of CHemicals) is a new chemical integrated management system established by the European Union to preserve the health and environment of current and future generations while enhancing the competitiveness of the chemical industry.

The law has been in effect since June 2007, and all chemicals manufactured or imported more than 1 t/y in Europe must be registered
with the European Environment Agency (ECHA) to be distributed.
In addition, registered substances may be subject to regulations such as authorizations and restrictions through evaluation.

Safety Assessment Solution Co., Ltd. provides EU REACH registration services through an only representative(OR).

▶ Joint registration process of existing chemicals under EU REACH

▶ Registration subject under EU REACH

  • substances on their own (more than 1 t/y)
  • Substances in mixtures (more than 1t/y)
  • Monomers and other reactants making up ≥ 2% weight of the polymer (more than 1t/y)
  • Substances intentionally discharged from articles (at least 1 ton per year)

▶ Offering services

  • ECHA Inquiry
  • Substance registration by tonnage (1-10, 10-100, 100-1,000, and over 1,000 t/y).
  • In-house training and preparation of related textbooks for response to the EU REACH
  • Providing the latest trends and advice on the EU REACH regulation
  • Follow-up management of registered substances