MEE Order No.12 (Measures for the Environmental Management Registration of New Chemical Substances),
a new chemical registration guideline, came into effect on January 1, 2021.

This guideline is for chemicals not registered in the Invention of Existing Chemical Substances of China (IICSC)
and must be registered or notified according to the annual tonnage manufactured/imported.
Safety Assessment Solution Co., Ltd. provides advisory/agency services for registration or notification of new chemicals in China.

▶ Registration type of new chemicals

Registration type Annual manufacturing/importing amount
R&D notification ‘In the case of R&D purpose, less than 0.1 t/y
Record notification Less than 1 t/y
In case of intermediates, less than 1 t/y
In case of export only, less than 1 t/y
In the case of R&D purpose, 0.1-1 t/y
Polymers containing less than 2%w/w new substances as monomers, or polymers of low-concern
Simplified registration 1-10 t/y
General registration 1-10 t/y
100-1000 t/y
More than 1,000 t/y

▶ Offering services

  • Confirmation of IECSC list
  • Review of the object for registration b(R&D, Record, simplified registration, and general registration)
    - R&D purpose : less than 0.1 t/y
    - Record notification (Less than 1 t/y of new substances, 2% rule polymer, and polymer of low-concern)
    - Simplified registration, 1-10 t/y
    - General registration, more than 10 t/y
  • Test data production & test monitoring
  • Follow-up management of registered substances