Safety Assessment Solution Co., Ltd. is providing services such as MSDS authoring having a high level of completion, translation, revision, reliability review, and preparation of warning signs, etc.
through a number of business experiences.

Particularly, MSDS submission and the CBI non-disclosure substance approval system are to be enforced on January 16, 2021,
according to the general revision of the Industrial Safety and Health Act. From now on, MSDS will be required to have higher accuracy and reliability.
We'd most like you to prepare for it through Safety Assessment Solution Co., Ltd.'s own services equipped with expertise.

Submission of Material Safety Data Sheets(MSDS)
The relevant company has the obligation to submit MSDS to the Ministry of Employment and
Labor(abbreviated as "MoEL"), and the submission number should be listed in MSDS.

Partial CBI non-disclosure Approval of MSD
It's possible to list 'trade secret' in MSDSs through the application for CBI non-disclosure approval.
In the case of the approved application, the relevant company is supposed to enter the alternate name, alternate content approval number,
and the period of approval validity in MSDS by confirming the content of the approval result notice.
In the case where the application for approval is canceled, the relevant company can make a request for an objection only once,
and when approval is finally canceled, the relevant company is required to enter all the relevant information in MSDS.
As regards approved substances, the relevant company is required to apply for approval of a time extension every five years.

Submission of a substance other than MSDS object
The relevant company may not enter the chemicals not applicable to harmful factors in MSDS,
and in this case, the relevant company is supposed to submit the name and content of the relevant chemicals to the MoEL separately.

Keeping of Material Safety Data Sheets(MSDSs)
The workplace, which handles the chemicals subject to MSDS, is supposed to install computation equipment that is identifiable through MSDS
or electronic documents at an easily accessible place for workers even in the middle of working.
In the case where the relevant company is notified of the fact that the relevant chemicals or mixture is not applicable to a harmful factor
from a granter or a provider in writing, the relevant company is supposed to fit up the relevant document in the workplace.

Offering services

  • Authoring Korean MSDS
  • Update Korean MSDS
  • Translate Overseas SDS into Korean MSDS regarding to Korea regulation
  • Review reliability of MSDS
  • Preparation of warning signs(label)

  • SDS preparation of EU CLP
  • Preparation of foreign language SDS regulated from each countries for exporting
  • Appointing Only Representative (OR)

  • MSDS submission
  • CBI Non-disclosure substance approval
  • Authoring substitute document
  • Auto MSDS creation system “Sol-T.SDS”