India BIS certification
The Bureau of Indian Standard (BIS) is an organization responsible for the development of product standardization and quality certification activities and provides users with guarantees of product quality, safety, and reliability to third parties through the BIS certification system.

BIS certificate is divided into two schemes (Scheme I – Mandatory certification, Scheme II – Compulsory Registration Scheme).
Substances that require BIS certification can be found in Scheme I, and the list of chemical substances is constantly being added.

Safety Assessment Solution Co., Ltd. provides regulatory trends for substances requiring BIS certification and provides advisory/agency services.

▶ BIS certificate system

  • Purpose of product certification system:6
    - Providing a third-party warranty on the quality, safety, and reliability of the product
    - Product with a BIS certificate mark means that it conforms to India standard
    - Under a valid license of BIS, the manufacturer may self-certify the licensed product.
  • BIS certificate system is for all domestic and international manufacturers.
  • Products that are not BIS-certified cannot be imported, manufactured, or sold from outside India.

▶ BIS Objects

  • Scheme I: chemicals, cement, home appliances, steel products, lighting, home appliances, batteries, adapters, etc.
  • Scheme II: Electronics and IT products

▶ BIS marks

▶ Offering services

  • Check chemical substances subject to BIS certification
  • Submission of a BIS application form
  • Support for on-site factory visits and inspections by Indian auditors
  • Request for a test and Monitoring
  • Agency services through an authorized India representative