What is Sol-T.JS?
Web tools for the life cycle communication of co-registration
Operation of the consultative group and Web Tool system for grasping progress situations

Confirmation of co-registration business which is systematized through Safety Assessment Solution Co., Ltd’s self-process

Convenient confirmation of the progress situation with a click as if to accept report directly

All can be settled in one page from issue matters
and registration progress status up to inquiries!

It's possible to check all consultative
groups' issues in use at a glance!

Key Features

  • Substance sameness check between consortium members
  • Preparation and revision of the consortium agreement
  • Voting in time of intra-consortium group' decision-making
  • Confirmation of business progress, and history of proceedings
  • Available for output of the real-time progress status report
  • Grasp of the transparent purchase status of test materials
  • Intra-consortium groups expense settlement